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Combi & Fusion Sensors

Combi-Sensors--Fusion---SENtral--Measurement-Modules Featuring a wide variety of sensor combinations including 9-axis tracking modules, accelerometers / gyroscopes and magnetometers, 6-Axis angular rate and dual axis linear acceleration devices, motion coprocessors, wireless and tethered designs for IMUs, geomagnetic field sensing, electronic compasses, heading sensors, MEMS Inertial Measurement Units - Fibre Optic Gyro performance components (FOG), all supported with appropriate evaluation kits, demo boards, motion and measurement modules plus cabling as appropriate.
Combi & Fusion Sensors Part No. Brief Overview Documents
CMS390-02-0305 CMS390-02-0305 Eval Board for Orion CMS390 6-Axis Angular Rate and Dual Axis Linear Acceleration Combi Sensor. More...
Results 31 - 31 of 31

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