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PTC Heaters

3D Ceramic PTC Heater

3D Shaped Ceramic PTC Heaters

A new process for 3D PTC ceramic heaters, constructed using high pressure casting (HPC) to ensure heater elements are matched perfectly  to internal housing profiles which optimizes thermal coupling.

The self-compensating properties of PTC generates extra heat in the ceramic to maintain a constant surface temperature. Ideally suited to Aerospace Anti-icing and de-icing of flight critical air data probes.

Benefits of 3D PTC technology:

  • Lower working temperature offers greater housing material options
  • PTC self-regulation
  • Ceramic reliability is higher than wire-wound heater equivalents
  • Fully customisable 3D ceramic designs
  • Matched surface profile
  • High thermal coupling
  • Localised heat compensation
  • Custom 3D designs
  • New aerospace de-icing applications
  • Pitot/AoA/Static port/Strut
  • Space/Military/Industrial/Healthcare

Contact Willow for further information on this new innovative product - 01342 717102.

PTC Heater

PTC Heaters

PTC Heaters

Self-regulating heaters with bespoke assembly, suitable for adhesive mounting or clamping. Our PTC Heaters are typically suited to sensitive electronics applications that should be maintained at an optimum heat temperature.

The wire lengths, insulation, stranded - solid, customised copper substrate are all optional, they are RoHS compliant and resistanes and switch temperatures can be reviewed.


For further information on PTC Heaters contact Willow: +44 (0) 1342 717102

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