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Hybrid sound source with built-in FM sequencer and ADPCM decoder

- FM sound source with 16 voices and ADPCM decoder hybrid sound source built in
- FM sound source has a sequencer function that is compatible with 4OP16 voice replay
- 4 types of sound content can be asynchronously layered and replayed
- Multiple sequencers can be controlled for simultaneous playback, loop playback, and stop
- Monaural speaker output (built-in speaker amplifier: max 500 mW, RL=8Ω)
- SQFP48, -40 to 105 degrees centigrade

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Home Appliance

FM sequencer with 3-band EQ built in

- FM sound source with 16 voices
- Sound quality correction through built-in 3-band EQ
- Built-in speaker with power rating up to 900 mW (5V, RL=8Ω)
- SSOP24, -20 to 85 degree centigrade

YM2612 Sound Chip



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