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Push Button Switches


Our two colour indication, super bright LED Push Button switches fall into two categories: Momentary (non-latching) or Toggle. The switches are all of robust vandal resistant design, allowing free movement without allowing foreign parts to enter and jam the mechanism of the device. Manufactured in a stainless steel body they are also all RoHS compliant. We offer a comprehensive range of shape, colour, size and mounting options and would be very happy to assist you with your push button requirements.

Durakool Push Button Switches


Momentary Push Button Switches

Momentary push button switches are non-latching switches which cause a temporary change in the state of an electrical circuit, only while the switch is physically actuated. Fitted within the switch, an automatic mechanism (i.e. a spring), returns the push button switch to its default position immediately after depressing, restoring the initial circuit condition.

There are two types of Momentary Push Button Switches: ‘Push to Make’ and ‘Push to Break’.



A momentary 'push to make' switch allows the electricity flow between its two contacts while the button is depressed. Upon releasing the button, the circuit is broken. This type of switch is also known as a Normally Open (NO) Switch. (Examples: doorbell, keyboard keys, phone pad buttons, computer power switch).



Push Button Switch Durakool

Momentary 'push to break' switches work in the opposite way to a push to make switch. When the button is not pressed, electricity flows, but upon pressing the button, the circuit is broken. This type of switch is also known as a Normally Closed (NC) Switch. (Examples: Refrigerator light, Alarm Switches in Fail-Safe circuits).




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