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RNP20S TO-220


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Power Resistors

Willow Technologies Limited introduces Nikkohm’s range of TO-220 Power Resistors. A compact non-inductive design, suitable for high frequency, fast speed pulse circuit applications.

Available as a surface mount or through-hole mounting device, it has a low profile of just 4.5mm, low mass of 2.1g, & low inductance of only 10nH.

Willow Technologies’ Product Manager for Resistors, Robert Mattock commented “These extremely reliable compact power resistors have a wide resistance range from 1mΩ to 51KΩ and due to the TO-220 IC package size, are proving very popular in an extensive range of applications, particularly within the LED lighting market”.

Other applications for these resistors have been found in automotive, drive circuits, high frequency electronics, measurement, motor control, industrial, power supplies, medical, military & UPS solutions.

Designed to operate between -55 and 155°C, they exhibit a low TCR from 50ppm~250ppm with ±1 or ±5% resistance tolerance as standard and power ratings of 35W and 50W.

“Their suitability for high-density compact installations makes them an obvious choice with the added bonus that they are also a low cost resistor”, concluded Mattock.

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Willow Technologies Limited, founded in 1989, provides solutions to customers by designing, manufacturing and supplying components and systems to the electrical and electronic marketplace across the globe. Specialists in switching, sensing, resistive and hermetic seal solutions, the company has a wide portfolio of technologies and over 100 years of application experience. With an in-house engineering capability and a production facility for rapid prototyping of custom parts, the company is well equipped to develop products matching customer specific application requirements. Willow is ISO9001: 2008 Registered.

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