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Multiple Pin Feedthroughs


Our multiple pin feedthroughs contain multiple conductors and are sealed either by insulating the pins from the casing using individual pieces of glass or, using a single piece of glass with multiple sealing holes. The first option allows for higher pressure applications, while the latter option allows for increased pin density, conserving space. Various contacts materials can be sealed into one connector body achieving your transfer requirements in one multiple pin feedthrough.

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Ceramic Feedthroughs
Single Pin Feedthroughs
Thermocouple Feedthroughs
High Pressure Feedthroughs
RF Microwave Feedthroughs


Ceramic Feedthroughs


Ceramic feedthroughs are suitable for applications subject to extreme conditions including cryogenic temperatures and high temperatures, up to 1100°C. We have the capability to design low volume, even one off, solutions to match existing or new specialist mounting requirements.

Single Pin Feedthroughs

A single pin feedthrough allows the transfer of electrical signals through a hermetic chamber. Our single pin feedthroughs can be brazed, mechanically sealed, soldered or welded into bulk heads, enclosures and housings.

Thermocouple Feedthroughs
 Thermocouple Feedthrough

HermaSeal thermocouple feedthroughs are able to operate at high temperature while maintaining hermeticity to E-10.

High Pressure Feedthroughs

Our high pressure feedthrough seals are manufactured so as not to degrade hermeticity in aggressive environments and meet pressure ratings of up to 30,000 psi.

RF Microwave Feedthroughs
 RF424 Magnetic Latching 4PST DC to 8GHz TO-5 Relay

Our RF / Microwave feedthrough seals are designed to suit extreme environmental conditions.

Low insulation loss glasses are utilized to produce matched impedance seals which are suitable for high frequencies.

Our RF / Microwave packages incorporate DC and RF feedthroughs which can be soldered (highly reliable) or directly sealed into the package. It is possible to use a combination of these methods, depending on the materials selected. Optoelectronic connections are frequently combined with these packages.

Suitable applications for the RF / Microwave Seals include commercial and military, where robustness is key.

We offer a wide range of materials for body, glass and contact.



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