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Heading Sensors - Motion & Measurement Modules

Motion & Measurement modules (M&M)


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For system designers looking for accurate motion tracking and Android sensor outputs, PNI’s 9- and 10-axis motion and measurement modules are small form-factor boards that integrate PNI’s high performance magnetic sensors, its low-power motion coprocessors with embedded sensor fusion algorithms and MEMS motion sensors. The PNI M&M modules simplify development with high accuracy embedded sensor fusion algorithms and allow developers to focus on creating innovative end-applications rather than the sensor fusion algorithms.

Unlike other inertial measurement units (IMUs) requiring extensive sensor fusion algorithm development and sensor calibration work, our M&M modules are pre-engineered to provide high accuracy motion tracking, heading and orientation – at a fraction of the power used by a general-purpose microprocessor.




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M&M Amber 10-Axis Module - Part 14047

M&M Amber 10-Axis module includes: SENtral-A2, RM3100 Magnetic Sensor, ST LSM6DSL Accel/Gyro and ST LPS25H Pressure sensor.

M&M Blue 9-Axis Module - Part 13759

M&M Blue 9-Axis module includes: SENtral, RM3100 Magnetic Sensor, and ST LSM330 Accel/Gyro.

M&M Magenta 10-Axis Module - Part 14047

M&M Magenta 10-Axis module includes: SENtral-A2, AK09911C magnetometer and ST LSM6DS3 Accel/Gyro.


Technical Specification

Data Outputs

(Full Range Calibration) 

M&M Blue M&M Blue: Heading, Pitch & Roll, Rotation Matrix Quaternions, Magnetic, Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensor Data
M&M Amber and Magenta Heading, Pitch & Roll, Rotation Matrix Quaternions, Magnetic, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Barometric Pressure Sensor Data, Rotational Velocity, Step Count, Linear Acceleration
Operating Parameters Min Max Units
Digital Supply Voltage 1.71 3.6  VDC
Analogue Supply Voltage 2.4 3.6  VDC
I2C Interface Data Rate   Host Bus 3400  kbits/sec
 Sensor Bus 1000  kbits/sec
 Pass Through 400  kbits/sec
Weight Blue and Amber 0.6 g
Magenta 0.2 g
Dimensions Blue and Amber 22 x 11 x 6.75 mm
Magenta 11 x 11 x 1.43 mm
Operating Temperature -40° +85° C
Average Current Draw  18mA    
Sleep Mode Current Draw 0.25mA    
Output Sample Rate  200Hz    


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