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Now available from Willow Technologies Limited and fast gaining an outstanding reputation in the global Wine Industry is the ēKo Wireless Crop Monitoring System. Viticulturists and wine makers have reaped the benefits of using the Memsic ēKo crop monitoring system, with a 26% reduction of irrigation water usage, a reduction of energy consumption and significant increase in yield.

Said Martin Pearce, Marketing Director at Willow Technologies, ‘’The versatility of the transceivers and sensors allows vineyard managers to track soil moisture, temperature and humidity, plus the amount of water that flows to each vine across the same network and the rate of fermentation in the cellar. Vineyard Managers can view the real-time data collected by the ēKo system, self-powered and self-configuring Mesh Network, via a SmartPhone, a laptop or desktop computer at any time of the day or night. The network’s simple but powerful design can help vineyard managers develop a comprehensive vision for how to operate their vineyard more efficiently.”

Through delivering vital live crop health data that incorporates vigour and growth progress via a simple internet browser (with its relatively low per node cost compared to alternatives), the ēKo offers a quick, cost-effective way to deploy more sensors across different terrain and microclimates and it achieves broader monitoring without incurring monthly or incremental fees. “What’s more, the ēKo provides the flexibility to combine multiple applications into one system, including frost detection, irrigation monitoring, and disease prediction” comments Pearce.

“This is a hugely exciting, environmentally friendly product, extremely adaptable, certainly not limited to use in the wine industry and offering obvious benefits in the monitoring of an extensive range of crops. The far reaching opportunities speak for themselves and Willow is delighted to include the ēKo within its product range.”

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