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TelosB Mote Platform

Cricket Mote Platform


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  Crossbow's versatile MICA Mote product has inspired the development of several research platforms. These             platforms provide customers with a variation on Crossbow's standard MICA platform for purposes specific to             their research and customer requirements.

  The TelosB Mote is an open-source platform designed to enable cutting-edge experimentation for the research          community. This platform bundles all the essentials for lab studies: USB programming capability, IEEE 802.15    .4   radio with integrated antenna, low power MCU with extended memory and an optional sensor suite. This                     platform is used primarily for low-power research development and wireless sensor network experimentation.

  The MCS410CA or "Cricket Mote" is a location-aware MICA2 Processor/Radio module. The Cricket Mote                  includes all of the standard MICA2 hardware, as well as an Ultrasound transmitter and receiver. It uses the               combination of RF and Ultrasound technologies to establish differential time of arrival and hence linear range             estimates.

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