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Ultra Violet Sensors

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The sglux-Products

Standard size UV-Sensor


4.18 mm2

sglux offers Schottky-type TiO2 UV-photodiodes that are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation below
lambda = 400 nm only and not to visible light. The diodes are most sensitive between 230 nm and 370 nm.

We welcome orders between 1 and 1.000.000 sensors.

Available packages are metal-sealed TO39 and TO18 cans containing dies with 15.66 mm2 and 4.4 mm2 photosensitive area, respectively.

There is a version with transparent window and a rejection of the visible of factor 100 and a version with a UV-filter window with a rejection factor 10,000.

sglux sensors are low-priced, long-living and can be used for many different applications.

The Multiboard allows simple and stable amplification of our photodiodes or any other active optical components. In most applications of optoelectronic photodiodes such as the sglux TW30-series only very small photocurrents are generated. These currents ranging from a microampere down to some picoampere cannot be measured by commonly available multimeters � an amplifier is needed.


Large area UV-Sensor


15.66 mm2

Standard size UV-Sensor extra visible blindness


4.18 mm2

Large area UV-Sensor extra visible blindness


4.18 mm2


Large area UV-Sensor super visible blindness


4.18 mm2

Small wafer
(available on request)


4.18 mm2

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Multifunctional 2-channel amplifier board applicable for use and evaluation of every avtive optoelectronic device such as the sglux-Sensors. View a picture.


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