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SENtral® Motion CoProcessor Sweetened by M&M Modules




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If you’re looking to design the next “must have” wearable device, Willow Technologies Limited believe PNI’s tiny SENtral® Motion Coprocessor might be just what you need. It’s an extremely low power motion coprocessor that offloads motion sensor management from your application processor, saving power and the need to work out the subtleties of sensor integration, calibration and other time consuming work that can delay your design.

The SENtral® Motion Coprocessor is a custom integrated circuit complete with embedded sensor fusion algorithms for context and location awareness on an ultra-low power processor.

You can simplify your development further with SENtral M&M™ — Motion and Measurement Modules with highly accurate heading and orientation data in a tiny, ready-to-integrate package.

The M&M modules are small form factor boards that integrate PNI's ultra-low power SENtral motion coprocessor with embedded sensor fusion algorithms and sensors from many different manufacturers. Current SENtral M&Ms modules include 9 & 6 axis rotational fusion, heading - pitch - roll - tilt, high accuracy accelerometer based step counting, signifiant motion and barometric pressure, enabling designers to focus on creating innovative end-applications rather than on complex mathematical functions required for optimal sensor fusion algorithms.

Said Martin Pearce, Marketing Director at Willow Technologies ‘The response from Engineers has been extremely enthusiastic. PNI are likely to develop additional environmental sensors in future M&Ms as these have proved so popular.’

“SENtral makes everything work by managing all sensors, SENtral outputs heading and accurate absolute and relative motion tracking data - with more accuracy and reliability than you've ever experienced. Using “constant calibration” technology, it polls the individual sensors, integrating, fusing and filtering their data with state-of-the art patented Kalman filter algorithms. Created and designed by sensor fusion experts with more than 20 years of real world experience, SENtral's output is fast, accurate and very reliable.

The SENtral chip is incorporated into the pre engineered M&M modules to provide highest accuracy motion tracking and heading measurement. Leading sensor fusion algorithms conveniently run on the SENtral and do not require any algorithm or software licenses, making it truly play-and-play. The form factor can be effortlessly incorporated into even the most size constrained applications.

‘M&M ready to integrate motion and measurement modules use only a fraction of the power used by other solutions in the market and with SENtral, designers can quickly and easily incorporate industry leading motion-tracking and orientation measurement into mobile devices – very impressive!’ Concluded Pearce.

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