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Heading Sensors - Digital 3-Axis Compass Module - Prime

Prime 3-Axis Digital Compass Module (Part 12826)


The highest-performance 3-axis compass module in its price range, PNI's Prime provides pitch, roll and compass heading everywhere, including where GPS is compromised or unavailable.

The low-power, low-cost Prime module provides all-digital compass heading outputs accurate to one degree, can be calibrated to account for magnetic distortion and offers several user-programmable parameters – including output damping rates, reporting measurement unit selection and sampling rate configuration.

PNI’s advanced hard and soft-iron correction algorithms allow for compensation of magnetic distortions inherent in the user’s system, resulting in reliable and consistent readings. Systems and devices have varying limitations on motion during user calibration. PNI’s Prime is the only compass that incorporates multiple user calibration algorithms available to the user to achieve effective calibration with limited system or device movement. For example, it is difficult to position a ground robot at tilt angles greater than 20 or 30 degrees without tipping it over. A designer can use PNI’s Limited Tilt Calibration method (one of many calibration options) to perform a user calibration within the natural movement of the ground robot.

Prime TTL (Formerly Prime RDI) Part 12951

Prime TTL modules have a straight pin connector and supports TTL output.

Prime TTL-RRA Part 14592

Prime TTL-RA modules have a right-angle connector and supports TTL output.



Features & Benefits

  • PNI’s magneto-inductive sensors combined with a3-axis MEMS accelerometer provide accurate heading and tilt readings, even at high and low latitudes.
  • With the combination of PNI’s magneto-inductive sensors and intelligent power-saving algorithms, Prime consumes less than half the power of magneto-resistive compasses.
  • Designed for flexibility and adaptability, Prime is optimal for sonobuoys, robotics, ROVs, UGVs, and cost-sensitive applications that require a fullfeatured 3-axis digital compass.



Heading Accuracy @ 45° tilt 1° rms
Repeatability 0.05° rms
Resolution 0.1°


Range ±90º of pitch ±180º of roll
Accuracy 1° rms
Repeatability 0.05° rms
Resolution 0.1°
 Mechanical Characteristics  
Dimensions (L × W × H) 3.3 × 3.1 × 1.3 cm
Weight 5 g
 I/O Characteristics  
Communication Interface Binary RS232
Maximum Sample Rate 10 samples/sec
Power Requirements  
Supply Voltage (unregulated) 3.6 - 5VDC
Average current draw 18mA
Sleep mode current draw 0.25 mA
Environmental Characteristics  
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 to +85 °C


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