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MoteVIEW_Scrn_Animation - Historical and Real-time charting
- Topology Map and Network Visualization
- Data Export capability
- Print Graph Results
- Mote Programming with MoteConfig
- Command Interface to Sensor Networks
- Email Alerts Service
- Windows® XP and 2000 SP4 Compatible

MOTE-VIEW was designed to be the primary user interface between a user and a deployed network of wireless sensors. MOTE-VIEW is targeted to end-users as a complete end-to-end software suite to simplify deployment and monitoring. MOTE-VIEW provides an easy means of logging wireless sensor data to a database, analyzing, and plotting sensor readings. Sensor data can be logged on a database resident on a host PC, or to a database running autonomously on a Stargate gateway.

MOTE-VIEW is supported on Windows XP Home/Professional and Windows 2000 with SP4. MOTE-VIEW is built with Microsoft's .NET platform.
MOTE-VIEW supports the MICA platform of wireless sensor network hardware, including the MICA2, MICA2DOT, and MICAz Motes. In addition, MOTE-VIEW supports the following sensor boards manufactured by Crossbow:

MDA300 - with external probes for Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature

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MOTE-View Users Manual

icon_pdf04 Wireless Systems for Environmental Monitoring

icon_pdf03 MoteWorks Brochure

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