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Get Smart with Ultra-thin MEMS Accelerometers



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You couldn’t get much smarter than the Kionix tri-axis, ultra-thin KXCJB-1041 MEMS Accelerometer from Willow Technologies Ltd. At just 0.45mm thick and in an LGA package, it is a feature rich gem, a popular choice for designers of Smart Cards, SIM Cards, ID & Badge Cards, plus wearable devices, tags and beacons.

Operating with an energy saving low current consumption of 10µA in low resolution mode and 135µA in high resolution mode (<1µA in standby), this MEMS Accelerometer runs on a supply voltage of 1.8 to 3.6V. It has an I2C communications interface running up to 3.4MHz for digital configuration of the part and monitoring outputs, allowing for easy system integration by eliminating analogue to digital converter requirements and also by providing direct communication with system micro controllers. It offers 8-bit, 12-bit and 14-bit resolution for greater precision and has user-selectable ranges ±2g, 4g & 8g. Output Data Rates range from 0.781Hz up to 400Hz.

Bhupinder Randhawa, Senior Sales Engineer at Willow, commented, “I believe the KXCJB is the thinnest tri-axis accelerometer available on the market today. It is pin for pin compatible with Kionix’s KXTI9 and KXCJ9 and features the Kionix XAC sense element, which is a highly advanced element ensuring outstanding stability over temperature, shock and post re-flow performance.”

The embedded algorithm features of the 3 x 3 x 0.45mm device include a user-configurable, low power motion wake-up function, a programmable interrupt engine to report when qualified changes in acceleration occur and a self test function.

The sense element of the KXCJB-1041 is fabricated using Kionix’s proprietary plasma micromachining process technology. Acceleration sensing is based on the principle of a differential capacitance arising from acceleration-induced motion of the sense element, which further utilizes common mode cancellation to decrease errors from process variation, temperature, and environmental stress. The sense element is hermetically sealed at wafer level by bonding a second silicon lid wafer to the device using a glass frit. A separate ASIC device packaged with the sense element provides signal conditioning and digital communications.

“Kionix continue to develop smaller and better devices. They are in the process of developing a MEMS accelerometer that is just 0.425mm thick and will be available from Willow in the near future. Meantime - Get smart and see for yourself just how outstanding this device is!”


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