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Electric Vehicle (EV) Contactors Switch 900VDC



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Durakool DEVR Series & MORE Electric Vehicle Relays

Willow Technologies Limited introduces the NEW Durakool DEVR Series of high current and high voltage (up to 500A and 900VDC) EV Contactors for use in the vehicle Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU). Typical BDU’s feature two main contactors and a pre-charge relay. The Durakool DEVR series meets these requirements with the DEVR05 or DEVR10 for the pre-charge relay and the DEVR20 or DEVR40 fulfilling the main contactor requirement. Other applications include solar power and test equipment.

The DEVR EV Contactors feature magnetic arc blowouts and highly reliable contacts hermetically sealed in a special inert gas. The larger DEVR20 & DEVR40 contactors include a coil economizer circuit to reduce coil current consumption when energized together with back EMF protection. The DEVR20 and DEVR40, with coil economizer, operate over a range of 9 to 36VDC or 32 to 95VDC, whilst the smaller DEVR05 and DEVR10 are available with 12V or 24VDC coils. In addition, the DEVR20 & DEVR40 are available with auxiliary contacts for monitoring and control.

Durakool DEVR EV Contactors can switch up to 900VDC while the maximum continuous current is 500A with 200mm2 busbars. In a fault condition, the maximum break current is 2000A (320VDC, 1 operation).

All Durakool relays and EV Contactors are fully RoHS Compliant.

John Merrill, Relays Product Manager at Willow, commented “The DEVR Series is a great addition to Durakool’s already vast range of excellent quality, high performance relays. If you need high current and high voltage DC Contactors, then the DEVR Series is your answer.”


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