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Is your hole causing inconsistent electrical connection?

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DX2, DX3, DX4 & MORE Industrial Relays

Willow Technologies Limited announces a series of Durakool industry standard Plug-in Relays, ideal for control panels. Designed for mounting in Durakool Sockets, the Durakool DX2, DX3 & DX4 Series feature terminal blades with no holes! The absence of the previously standard hole, once used for mostly obsolete soldering, provides a secure grip in the socket ensuring high reliability and superior low level signal performance.

John Merrill, Relays Product Manager at Willow, commented “The terminal blade hole position previously varied from one manufacturer to another leading to misalignment with the contact in the socket with resulting inconsistent electrical connection. The Durakool DX2, DX3 and DX4 Series eliminates this worrying problem.”

Each Durakool industrial plug-in relay features internally welded (not soldered) connections for greater reliability and has an integral LED (Red for AC, Green for DC coils), with an optional locking test lever with included press mechanism (Red for AC, Blue for DC coils) as standard. Durakool DX2, DX3 and DX4’s are UL approved (E325835) and CE accredited. All Durakool relays are RoHS compliant.

“This attention to detail makes Durakool DX2, DX3 and DX4 relays a natural, cost effective choice for control panel builders. Durakool offers a full range of sockets to compliment these industrial plug-in relays” continued Merrill.

Durakool DX2, DX3 & DX4 relays offer the following industry standard contact arrangements and ratings: DX2 = DPDT (2C/O) 10A@240VAC/28VDC, DX3 = 3PDT (3C/O) 7A@240VAC/28VDC, DX4 = 4PDT (4C/O) 5A@240VAC/28VDC resistive (AC1/DC1).

“Willow stocks both the relays, and the mating sockets for the DX2, DX3 & DX4 Series. Call us direct +44 (0) 1342 717102 - we’d be very happy to assist Engineers with design solutions”. Concluded Merrill.

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