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Custom Designed Seals & Packages


If you need to conduct electricity between separate environments while needing to isolate those environments from one another, we just need to understand what you are trying to achieve, why the need has arisen, the nature of environment in which the products will be located and the challenges involved.

Using a wide range of materials we prefer work with you as a member of your team, to achieve the seal and package configuration that meets your needs.

All seals are manufactured at our production and quality testing facility where we have a fully equipped in-house design and engineering capability for rapid prototyping of custom parts. We are well equipped to develop high quality products that match customer specific application requirements and comply with International standards.

We offer CAD design, prototyping, testing and production and would be pleased to provide engineering support with your design.

A wide range of materials are available for the body and glass contact.

Click here to see examples of where our seals can be used.



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