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Compression Seals


Compression seals are glass to metal seals ideally suited for high pressure and extreme stress situations. The compression seals are formed by graduating the expansion coefficients from the housing material, through both the glass and pin, the exterior metal part has a considerably higher thermal expansion coefficient than the glass and inner conductor. Our compression seals are designed to exert concentric compressive stress on the glass. with the housing’s co-efficient of thermal expansion higher than that of the glass. Following the melting process, as the glass solidifies the shell contracts and compresses around the glass.

Generally these seals are constructed of steel, stainless steel housings with nickel iron pins, which offer effective hermeticity and resistance in harsh environments against corrosive materials, extreme temperature variance and vibration, however we do offer different material combinations where required.

Tooling and Machining costs are kept to a minimum where simple electrode and grommet geometry is all that is required. As the geometry becomes more complex and configurations more delicate, additional machining and more complex tooling become necessary to prevent damage.

Compression Seal Applications

Applications for Compression Seals are as many and varied as are the environments in which they may be used. They are suitable for aggressive, demanding environments and are widely used in aerospace, automotive, and military applications for pressure sensing and transducers.



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