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Ceramic Seals


Brazed ceramic to metal seals are vacuum tight assemblies of ceramic with metals. They are used in precision critical situations, where the integrity of electrical connections is vital, to feed electrical conductors through the walls of hermetically sealed packages.

Our ceramic feedthroughs are the superior, high quality solution, they are reliable for applications subject to extreme conditions including high or cryogenic currents and high temperatures, up to 1100°C. Designs can be complex electronic packages through to simple ceramic based filament holders used in scientific applications.

Ceramic feedthroughs are utilized for higher temperature and higher power connections. Eyelet ceramic packages are generally used where temperature and high power conditions are not extreme.

American Electronic Components have the capability to design low volume, even one off, solutions to correspond with existing or new specialist mounting requirements.

High specification ceramics are used as appropriate including Aluminium Nitride, Macor and Silicon nitride. A wide range of materials are available for the body, glass and contact.

It is possible for direct copper bonded or active metal brazed ceramic substrates to be incorporated into designs, either in a traditional package as a substrate of as a single or multi-layer assembly forming the base of a package.

This latter method of substrate offers many advantages:

Pins can be directly connected to the substrate, eliminating the need for wire bonds and making interconnection of circuit components easier. They are a lighter weight option. Via’s can be incorporated allowing surface mount, reducing the interconnect complexity.






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